Here's a sampling of the programs I can bring to your community. Feel free to reach out to me, I'm always game to create something new.

Presentations & Workshops

Birding Boot Camp - NEW

A rollicking presentation full of fun skill-building exercises, quizzes and drills to prepare you for a birding adventure. Get a full bird workout! Strength training for our eyes & ears as well as critical thinking on the fly – or just learning to enjoy our backyard birds more. I promise that you'll walk away better, stronger, savvier birders!

The Wonders of Wood Warblers - NEW

Why do birders lose their minds over them each spring? They're quick, elusive and everyone's in a tizzy to get a glimpse of a little warbler eye-candy. I'll share how to find them, then share tips on how to look and listen for these winged jewels. Presentation, can be followed by a morning in the field.

Slow Birding - NEW

Sounds a bit strange, “slow birding”. But, it is possible to change how we approach traditional birding and what we get out of it. Slow Birding is a practice which builds a deeper observation of birds and wildlife while at the same time creating a deeper connection to your self and the place you live. Presentation, field workshop or both. It's up to you.

Crows & ravens - NEW

They're considered harbingers of evil by some, and for others, are an endless curiosity. Learn how you can help unravel the mystery of "murders" of crows that form in the winter by participating in the Crows In Vermont Project. Presentation. Best months are October through March to build upon the winter roosting phenomenon.

The Birds of Summer- NEW

Ahhh, the birds of summer! Who are they, where are they and what are they up to during the summer? We'll take a look at interesting behaviors, family dynamics, drama & the transition into fall. Featuring some photos from Vermont bird photographers and stories from my birding adventures in my backyard and beyond. 

Bird Is a Verb

And it's time you get in on the action! Birding doesn't have to be hard, okay, it's a little bit hard. But in this presentation I'll break it down for you so you're ready to take on spring migration! Presentation. 


Don't muddle your way through interpreting birdsong anymore! You'll be introduced to the five voices of songbirds and have your ears fine tuned to cheeps & chirps after this presentation.

Saving the bird in the bush

You love birds, so what are you doing about it? This presentation introduces birdscaping and goes beyond to look at how we care for our land when we keep birds in mind.


I've always said it, "I need to start charging each time people ask me to hoot like an owl." So no more freebies, but I promise lots of raucous fun with this presentation. Best months January, February, & March to match-up when most folks have owl encounters.


Where did they all go and why? Is it even worth it to go birding after the fall migration? Um, YES!
A perfectly autumnal presentation to get you inspired for birding during the fall and beyond. Presentation, can be followed with a fall bird walk. Best months are late August, September & October. 

APPs For Nature Geeks

Yeah, I know, you're supposed to unplug when you're outdoors. BUT, there are some great apps that can get you looking closer and paying it forward for birds & wildlife. Let me show you how to plug in for nature! This workshop can be tailored to your group's interests. eBird, iNaturalist & more! This is 2 hour workshop that requires a WiFi connection.

In the Field

Slow Birding - NEW

See description above! Can be just a field experience if you like. Program is 4 hours in length allowing us time to build our Slow Birding skills through the Sit Spot Practice, collaborative observations, and mapping our collective experience noticing birds.


Sure, I'll lead a bird walk for you and your crew! But don't expect me to play the stereo-typical bird guide, it's about empowering you as a birder and having a damn good time while doing so.

For Landowners

Many landowners are interested in finding out what birds can be found on their property. Consider a site visit & follow up bird inventory to support managing your land for both you & the birds. 

Birds & Beers Vermont

Birds & Beers Vermont is an informal gathering of bird-loving folks at a local brewery or restaurant or anywhere there’s good beer. It’s an opportunity to meet up with local birders to share stories, photos, events & birdy conversation over dinner and drinks. I act as your hostess providing a bit of publicity for the event, stimulating conversation with the folks who show up, throwing down some birdy schwag as a giveaway, and helping the servers meet the groups’ need for food & libations. As a sponsor of the event, I only ask that you cover my travel costs so I can come hang out & serve as your hostess for the evening! Fourth Thursday of the month only - I’ve got ‘em blocked. Pick a date.

I really appreciate the work you do. You truly are the model of a 21st-century conservationist. Combining citizen science, public engagement, an expert naturalist’s ability, and a focus on habitat conservation and connectivity, you truly bring all of the necessary parts together. And as a scientist turned science communicator, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your approach to science communication. You connect people to conservation not through information, but through a passion for wildlife and an ability to make it fun.

Tom Rogers, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department
— Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Earth Day Keynote, 2017
Thank you for one of the best workshops on birding by ear last Saturday at the North Branch Nature Birdfest! It was well paced, fun and included elements of listening that I have easily incorporated into my daily birding life.

Diane Brown from Middlebury
— Birdsong Tune Up Walk & Presentation, Spring 2016

Dear Bridget
We had a wonderful time with you yesterday! I so appreciate your energy and good humor. I’ve watched hundreds of nature educators and you are tops because you blend captivating info with great animation and humor. You read the group well and crafted a workshop that flowed well and inspired us to really BE with nature. Thank you and enjoy all that spring drama!
Cheers, Jeanette
Girl Quest
— Unraveling Avians, Spring 2015

Your passion for birds is obvious — and it’s our mission to light the fire in others — someone like you can teach us, but also excite us, and then that grows into better stewardship of our resources. So, thank you for joining our mission. You get the important things across, but because you are having such fun doing it - making self-deprecatory remarks, taking risks, flaming a bit — or a lot! — one hardly knows they are being hooked. You have won new converts, which means we have as well. Teachers like you make our job easier — and we get the treat of seeing you, learning, and laughing as well.

With warmest thanks,
Libby & Peggy
(and the rest of the Thetford & West Fairlee Conservation Commissions)
— Time to Fly Presentation, Fall 2015