What Is Slow Birding Anyway?

Watching birds isn’t really fast in the first place. The pace of a birder in the field is slow and methodical.
And yet, traditional birding can be list-driven and competitive.
Slow Birding explores a fresh approach to observing birds focused on re-awakening & fine tuning your innate birding skills while at the same time creating a deeper connection to your self and the place you live.

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Deeper Observation

Slow Birding pulls from the most recent research about how we learn birds and how our right brain and left brain can work together to tackle identification. Participants will explore techniques of Balanced Brain Birding, building skills to improve how we observe birds. At the same time, we’ll tap back into our natural curiosity about birds and their habitats. With Slow Birding we’ll move beyond mere identification, allow ourselves to shift our focus to bird behaviors, and we’ll make the most of birds as they present themselves wherever we are.

Deeper Listening

Tease apart the cacophony of sound by slowing down and training your brain to interpret what you’re hearing on the landscape. We’ll break down bird song into the Five Voices-Simple Sounds framework to understand who and what we’re listening to. We’ll practice expanding our awareness and noticing seasonal changes in the soundscape. Slow Birding will give you a language to describe what you’re hearing to help with identification while at the same time giving you an insight into what birds are telling us about what is happening around us.



Deeper connection

Birds are everywhere, from cities to farmlands, from the mountains to the shorelines. We have the opportunity to connect with birds on a daily basis if we’re tuned in. Recent studies have shown that noticing birds can improve your mental health, reduce depression and improve memory and attentiveness. Other research points out that just being in nature has the power to make us happier. Slow Birding uses the Sit Spot Practice to anchor our experiences and observations of birds to a particular place over time. We’ll also explore how to switch up the traditional bird walk to be more mindful & aware of how we move on the landscape and how we connect with birds in the moment.

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The faster one goes, the more strain there is on the senses, the more they fail to take in, the more confusion they must tolerate or gloss over - and the longer it takes to bring the mind to a stop in the presence of anything.
— from An Entrance to the Woods by Wendell Berry